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We are providing data entry outsourcing solutions to customers including individuals, organizations, and companies all over the world. Included United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Europe.

Data-Entry Work From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

We Offer Many Data-Entry Jobs and Work-From-Home Opportunities for Data Processors

What Exactly Is a Data Processor?

A data processor enters data into the computer, by means of keyboard entry, scanning and voice recognition.He or she uses a class of programs that organize and manipulate data, numeric or textual. Here is a list of typical data processing applications.

The Types of Data-Process Applications Offered

There are many different types of data-process applications. Searching for work-from-home in data entry. You may have run across many different companies offering different types of online-data-entry jobs. The most common data-processing jobs available for online work are:

  • Outsource Data Operator
  • Worldwide Data-Entry Processor
  • Marketing Typist
  • Data-Collection Research Assistant
  • Data Proofreader
  • Home Secretarial Work
  • Article Typing
  • Response Typist
  • Data Entry
  • Image Data Entry
  • Data Processing
  • Form Processing
  • OCR
  • Data Mining
  • Data Conversation
  • Data Capture

How to join?

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Worldwide Data-Entry Processor

This is the most popular of all of the data-entry jobs.This is because you can earn endless amounts of money with little or no experience. The key to this type of data entry is the training and tutorial. Many sites have tried copying sites such as mine,but they leave out the important details on how to do this successfully. As a Worldwide Data-Entry Operator you will assist thousands of successful Internet companies that pay on a commission bases. Your tasks will be to submit short lines of data to the Internet. Targeting readers that are searching for your content. You will get a list of thousands of companies that are set up to automatically approve you through our program. You can work as little as 1 hour per day and create some amazing revenue. This job has created my biggest paychecks to date. The companies are benefiting as well, with additional sales which could never be made without the help of Worldwide Data-Entry Operators. You can expect to earn anywhere between $20 - $35 (Average) for each transaction and making $1000 + per day is not out of the question. I will give all the training and tools you will need.You will be paid by mailed check or bank wire transfer on the 1st and 16th of every month like clockwork. This is a must for anyone wanting to work from home.

Outsource Data Operator

As an Outsource Data Operator you will work in a variety of virtual offices. Assisting with phone, or recorded, audio data transcription, customer service, data recording, data-processing projects and more. You will apply and receive assignments from the companies of your choice. I have compiled a list of the best companies for these types of data-entry work. I have personal experience in getting assignments from each of these companies,they have always paid on time for my completed work. I have eliminated the companies requiring years of past experience, this allows novice operators to do these assignments. I will also give you the needed training to be able to get the assignments, whether you have a lot of experience or no experience at all. Pay is usually between $9 - $20 per hour, or paid by flat rate for each assignment. You will be paid by your preference of mailed check or bank wire transfer with in 15 - 30 days of completed assignment, depending on each company's pay policy.

Marketing Typist

You will be working as a marketing typist directly for Online-Data-Entry Jobs. We pay you for typing ads for a select group of companies that we have handpicked that will produce some nice income. We give you complete training and all the tools needed to post ads that are extremely effective, and best of all, for free. We even have sources that pay you to post to their site. Don't make the mistake with this program of passing it up because you hear the word "Ad". It could cost you hundreds of dollars a day for typing some simple ads. You will be paid $18 - $28 for each completed transaction. Online-Data-Entry Jobs will pay you twice a month by Pay Pal account. We will get you signed up with your own affiliate account for free that will track all your earnings,updated in real time. We have had some great feedback from users of this program who had joined not planning on trying this opportunity. When they saw the tutorial and they put it to the test and started seeing results.

Data Collections Research Assistant

Online companies will pay you for your Internet data collections and research. I currently have over 300 companies in my database that pay you for data collection research on various projects. You will need to type your findings on any of the selected projects of your choice. The projects include focus and study groups and research on a large variety of subjects. You will get paid from $5 - $10 for a quick study, or $50 - $350 for focus and study groups. You also will have the opportunity to work for the courts and online mock jury companies as a virtual juror. I have found this to be very intriguing. Review cases and type your verdict and findings from the comfort of your own home. You will be paid directly by the companies following the study completion. You will be paid by check, Pay Pal or E-Gold pay accounts, depending on the company's pay policy.

Data Proofreader

As a data proofreader, you will get assignments to read through manuscripts and Web sites to look for grammar and spelling errors. You will be proofreading the following:

Dissertations, Essays,Research reports, Applications, Novels, Short stories, Screenplays, Scripts, Articles, Books, Manuscripts, Proposals, Business plans, Presentations, Advertising copy, Press releases, Newsletters, Resumes, Cover letters, Dating profiles, Personal statements, Website text, Auto responders, Forms and letters.

If you have good grammar and spelling, this is a great opportunity. You can make very good money doing this type of work all in the comfort of your own home. Out of all the programs I offer, this is the only one that will requires testing and certification. I can help you to get certified. After you are certified the opportunities are endless and pay from $5-$100 per assignment for online and offline proofreading opportunities. Pay will vary depending whether you work online or offline.

Secretarial Home Business

The first program I started was doing home-secretary work for several companies in my immediate area. Since I started, this it has grown to be so huge, so fast. I have hired assistants to help with the growing demand of typing projects such as word processing, promotional material, invoices, articles, business plans, term papers, letters, memos, price lists, fliers, resumes and much more for companies that have outsourced these projects to me. I will show you exactly how to do this from start to finish. I will even include promotional material to start this, with detailed instructions on how to get work sent to you at home. All you need is to follow the directions and you will be doing work for companies in your area regardless of your typing experience. If you already have a computer and printer, the start up costs are very minimal, with only a few office supplies needed. This has proved to be the bread and butter of my programs, and it continues to grow as word of mouth gets out and companies continue to downsize. This program is so detailed that everyone that has followed this tutorial is seeing unbelievable success working at home.

Article Typing

The latest rave on the Internet is article typing. Because the Internet is growing so rapidly,many websites are in dire need of fresh content. I will show you how to create online articles, and what to type your articles about. In return, you will be paid between $5 - $100 for the rights to each article. The pay will depend on the length,subject demand and content of your article. You can also add additional streams of income from a few companies that I will identify,they will pay for simply placing in your articles. As another source of income, I will also show you how to publish your own articles to the Internet through Weblogs. I have different sources that pay you to link to your published blogs, they pay you when someone simply reads your article or clicks on any of the links. This has been generating incredible income, ranging in the hundreds of dollars per day for me and my current members. My training tutorial will show you how to do everything with no additional costs whatsoever. They will pay you by check, wired bank transfer or by PayPal.

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